Here is the text from a word document I submitted for my Introduction to Digital Studies class at the beginning of Spring 2016: Jada Steward Digital Footprint (or, will my ghost be presentable?)   I will begin with a difficult personal admission: I love Tumblr. I love knowing about memes before others, I love having access to a more underground news channel, and I love the sense of kindred between peers who feel similarly about the site. I am, however not at all proud of…Continue Reading “Digital Analysis Pt. 1: Will My Ghost Be Presentable?”

I’m over a week late on this, so it seems like a lifetime ago. I’m actually not even sure if I was in class for this specifically, but here are my thoughts on the ethics of cheap labor/consumption in general: Obviously the exploitation of slave labor has never been, and will never be ethical. However, the nature of capitalism is usually unethical. Recently, a discourse has been going around the more underground parts of social media (specifically Tumblr, which I am embarrassed to admit I…Continue Reading “Even Thoreau Returned From the Woods”

Sadly, our unit on Neuromancer has come to a close. But is it sad? While I will miss discussing literature in class, ¬†our close reading of Gibson’s Neuromancer has effectively set me on an interesting thought path- an equation that is perhaps unsolvable. Since the novel deals largely with artificial intelligence, the question of why AI’s trope is ¬†always to turn against humans was brought up. Surely the technology would recognize that it was created by a flawed being (a human) and would thereby consider…Continue Reading “The Empathy Equation: Neuromancer”

My main site, New-Ingenue, was created for my Digital Storytelling course in the Spring of 2015, before the university had a digital studies concentration. This specific post was originally crafted for my Intro to Digital Studies class in early 2016, and has since been updated to mark my stylistic progress. There is also, in my opinion, a marked difference in my skill level regarding writing for the web: Okay, here we finally are with my sub domain! It took me forever to set up, and…Continue Reading “Hi, finally!”