Senior in highschool Jada: I love Neutral Milk Hotel. Freshman in highschool who is Jada’s friend: Oh, you’re an entry level hipster. Junior in college Jada: Inspired by Twitter accounts such as So Sad Today, Guy In Your MFA, and Brooding YA Hero, No matter how short a time we've dated, if I dump you, it will always be the end of the world. Please act accordingly. — Brooding YA Hero (@broodingYAhero) April 5, 2016 I set about creating my own character based parody account, Entry…Continue Reading “Entry Level Hipster: Interactive Fiction”

Let’s map this device out! After some fumbling about, the ‘Wes Anderson Does‘ team committed to the dissection of a Comdial desk phone unit that we believe to be from 1997, based on manuals and other documentation. Here is an adorable Comdial phone family photo: I was MIA for a significant portion of this project, so I missed a lot of the deconstruction. However, I ended up researching this piece circled in red: My teammate Danielle Howard got first dibs on the colorful pieces circled in…Continue Reading “A Tiny Mapping Journey”

It is 3:30a on March 7th, 2016. I am bordering on incoherently sleepy, and I have a class at 9a. When I chose the ‘trolling’ module to work on, I knew immediately that I wanted to go beyond the usual cyber bullying approach, and wanted to stay away from places such as 4chan. I wanted to explore whether the term trolling had to have a negative connotation. Was it something only pursued by bored jerks? Couldn’t the activity be spun in a positive and productive…Continue Reading “Trolls: The Modern, Tangible, and Radical Best of Us (Potentially)”

Have I ever turned anything in on time for this class? Last week, I, along with four other classmates, attempted to do the impossible: create a trailer hinting at the plot of William Gibson’s 1984 cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer, in Wes Anderson fashion. We were inspired by other visions such as What If Wes Anderson Made X-Men, and Saturday Night Live’s New Horror Trailer. I am proud of our end result, which was filmed in our school’s Convergence Center using an iPhone 6: Wes Anderson Does: Neuromancer…Continue Reading “Wes & Us: Our Semi-Success”

Oh my god, I completely forgot to do this. I had a draft saved and everything. I choose ‘creative coding’ for my first DGST module mainly because I liked the prompt:  I love poetry, but I was also greatly influenced by being tired of science majors treating me like I was inferior to them. I figured if I could somehow learn how to code overnight, no Bio major would ever be able to scoff at me again (why do they scoff? Chances are high that…Continue Reading “Coding 1: The task”

Admittedly, I began learning Python only a few days before my project was due. A bit of reasearch told me that it took an average of two weeks to really learn the language. I tried to teach myself from something called Learn Python The Hard Way, which had me downloading Notepad ++, using PowerShell as a terminal, and banging my head against a table. This will now be the third time I’ve mentioned Mary Clark, but she was the only other person in my class…Continue Reading “Coding 2: The Cinquain”