Coding 1: The task

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Oh my god, I completely forgot to do this. I had a draft saved and everything.

I choose ‘creative coding’ for my first DGST module mainly because I liked the prompt: creative coding prompt snip

I love poetry, but I was also greatly influenced by being tired of science majors treating me like I was inferior to them. I figured if I could somehow learn how to code overnight, no Bio major would ever be able to scoff at me again (why do they scoff? Chances are high that we will both be making a very similar starting salary upon graduation).

Before I had begun to tackle code, and was still full of hope, my intention was to start a program that would generate poems at random, for those who weren’t so adept at poetry but perhaps needed ideas for a class assignment or personal venture.

Thanks to Mary Clark, whose site I linked to in this post, I used Cloud 9– a site that will run several coding languages for light work- to run Python. It took forever to figure out but once I learned the very basics of the language it became incredibly simple.

I underestimated the time it takes to learn how to code a full site (not to mention plug in multiple poetry formulas), but I am proud of my meager end result, which proves I have a beginners knowledge of Python.

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