Digital Analysis Pt. 1: Will My Ghost Be Presentable?

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Here is the text from a word document I submitted for my Introduction to Digital Studies class at the beginning of Spring 2016:

Jada Steward

Digital Footprint (or, will my ghost be presentable?)


I will begin with a difficult personal admission: I love Tumblr. I love knowing about memes before others, I love having access to a more underground news channel, and I love the sense of kindred between peers who feel similarly about the site. I am, however not at all proud of this fact, and tend not to talk about it unless the moment is undoubtedly appropriate. Typically, day-to-day discourse tends to focus on more socially acceptable media sites, which I am mostly on as well, since I find it useful to know what is current and popular. I am on Facebook with my first, middle, and last name. I am on Twitter and Instagram with the handle ‘saintjada13’- a play on my last name beginning with ‘St’, and my being born on a Friday the 13th. This is all in stark contrast to my Tumblr name ‘exegesis-christ’, which ended up making me seem more intelligent than I intended it to (I get messages complimenting my “clever”, however accidental, word choice).

Upon Googling ‘Jada Steward’, one will find that I am the tenth result down, and most of the results for me are actually leftovers from when I took Digital Storytelling. I am slightly surprised by this, and will soon go about attempting to change it. While I did produce adequate work during the course of that semester, I am not sure if that is exactly how I wish to be presented. The google results are more of an archive of assignments I completed, rather than summarizing my personality.

As I aspire to be a filmmaker, I have accounts on YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is for silly projects that I never expect anyone to see. In the past, I have put my school assignments there. Vimeo is where I password protect personal memories, and hope to eventually publish films I am proud of. My digital footprint as is would probably earn a grade of a ‘C’. It is not exceptional or even above average, but one can see that I made minimal, less than sloppy effort to exist digitally. Lately I have been considering digital presence as a ghost that will continue long after the person has ceased to exist. Oddly or not, this motivates me to create a more presentable and accurate digital footprint, so my ghost(s?) will be more worthwhile to look at.

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