Digital Identity: The Reprise

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Here is the text to my first Digital Identity write up.


If I search myself up now, here is what appears:

digi id google result list

So, not entirely riveting. Apparently there is someone out there with my same name who is a much more interesting track star.

But, I don’t mind! I’d still say I’m rather active on the internet. I use the classics like facebook and twitter (I have 2 accounts!) , as well as the slightly less common ones like tumblr, soundcloud, and pinterest.

On twitter, I talk perhaps too much. On Facebook, I usually post when something is very important to me, such as an issue on social justice. I comment and save a lot of links. I also lurk on a private group called unintentional internet alt lit, because it is hilarious.

I tend to put my name on every site I use, even though it drives my mother crazy with government conspiracy type paranoia. I think that if I am going to be involved with digital studies, I have to stay away from being a luddite. If the norm is to use my name, then that is what I will do, as per my own digital philosophy.

This semester brought a serious shift in how I use these sites- I started to tweet a LOT, and reblog a lot less. Link saving became a new thing on Facebook this year (I think), and being part of strange indie Facebook groups made me enjoy logging on more. I also learned how to use Slack for digital studies. I love Slack. I hope that someday the radio station at UMW will be efficient and involved enough to actually use the Slack I set up for it.

My domain at new-ingenue is still not perhaps quite how I would like it. I think it needs more posts, and more colorful photos. I am in love with my subdomain here- it’s just adorable. Neither of these, though, are as interesting to look at as my more photo involved sites, like instagram or tumblr.

This semester, I went from wanting to hide from the internet, to being fairly involved. I do my best to keep up with new memes/viral content. I comment on the content of people who I am not nessecarily close to, mostly because I find the social unacceptability to be comical.

I’ve learned that sometimes, people think I’m funny. I also learned, to be quite vulnerable, that more people like to interact with me than I used to think.

Mostly, I am in support of the use of social media, technology, etc. I am super happy that I now have a grasp on very basic code writing.

However, it is important to remember to shut things off every now and then. It can become dangerously addicting, and makes you kind of sad sometimes. It’s easy to get obsessed with comparing yourself to others when it is made so available. I got to a point where I would wake up in the middle of the night, check my sites, and maybe even have conversations that I completely forgot about in the morning- I was literally sleep surfing.

That said, again, I am so happy with the digital progress I’ve made this semester. When it comes to digital involvement, there’s really nowhere to go but up.


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