Entry Level Hipster: Interactive Fiction

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Senior in highschool Jada: I love Neutral Milk Hotel.

Freshman in highschool who is Jada’s friend: Oh, you’re an entry level hipster.

Junior in college Jada:

Inspired by Twitter accounts such as So Sad Today, Guy In Your MFA, and Brooding YA Hero,

I set about creating my own character based parody account, Entry Level Hipster. I wanted to explore just what it meant to be an ‘entry level hipster’, and I figured that by tweeting internal conflicts over what kind of headphones to buy and well-known indie lyrics, I would create an obvious (semi-self) parody.

I was taken by surprise when companies and musicians began to follow me in an effort to connect with me and sell me their products. Apparently, my parody attempt was not obvious enough, and Entry Level Hipster is seen as a legitimate account with one of those ‘alternative’ names.

I have grown to appreciate this however, as it gives me space to express my more melancholy and angsty thoughts with little at stake.

Overall, I have fun maintaining the account, and perhaps I can make connections with a few people I never would have without Entry Level Hipster.


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