My main site, New-Ingenue, was created for my Digital Storytelling course in the Spring of 2015, before the university had a digital studies concentration. This specific post was originally crafted for my Intro to Digital Studies class in early 2016, and has since been updated to mark my stylistic progress. There is also, in my opinion, a marked difference in my skill level regarding writing for the web:

Okay, here we finally are with my sub domain! It took me forever to set up, and while I have finished installing all needed/wanted plugins, I am still working on selecting a layout.

I was so slow to set up my sub domain because I made the rookie mistake of setting my URL as having a double “.com” in it. There was also some trouble with password resets, as I have not been on my site for a long time.

In terms of nesting and layout, I am having a bit of anxiety over what to choose. As of now, my sub domain’s URL reads “”, and I need to set up a redirect to hopefully make that shorter.

I am nervous to change my homepage around because of the time it will take to sort through all of my Digital Storytelling content. Also, I want my site to look awesome and think I need to do more research into aesthetics.

Currently, my homepage at new-ingenue is using the theme “Neutro”. I picked it out about a year ago because I liked its emphasis on publishing photographs in a minimalist way.
In general, I am hoping to slowly build a unique yet clean and professional looking site. I plan to share my film and other art work, ideas, and any programs I end up coding. Obviously, the more personal items will be put onto my sub domain, while the work I am really proud of will be placed on my homepage.

Edit: I settled on a slightly different scheme of the Neutro theme used on my main page. I decided that this sub domain will be where I keep schoolwork as well as more playful, less serious work. Ex: I figured out how to set up a live Twitter widget!

This way, I can do fun things to my page, and worry about setting up a more professional sub domain at another time, if need be (or make my main domain my professional spot).

2017 Update: This sub domain is currently using the “Zillah” theme. After about 3 years of trial and error with WP, I know my stylistic preferences: sliders, grids, and minimalism. My favorite admin plugin has always been “Hello Dolly;” it’s the definition of classic.

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