Trolls: The Modern, Tangible, and Radical Best of Us (Potentially)

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It is 3:30a on March 7th, 2016.

I am bordering on incoherently sleepy, and I have a class at 9a.

When I chose the ‘trolling’ module to work on, I knew immediately that I wanted to go beyond the usual cyber bullying approach, and wanted to stay away from places such as 4chan. I wanted to explore whether the term trolling had to have a negative connotation. Was it something only pursued by bored jerks? Couldn’t the activity be spun in a positive and productive light, when put in the hands of the intelligent and thoughtful?

There are a lot of cool things to comment on regarding what ‘trolling’ is and should be redefined as. But since I am grossly fatigued, and already put the research together about a week ago, and forgot to blog about it until now-

here are the slides that compile my research on the topic of righteous trolling:

*note: while these examples are mostly ‘liberal’, I want to stress that the term trolling ought to be applied to the challenging of ideas in general, and that such challenges should be done for the sake of iconoclasm. While most examples of this are done by liberal idealists, it would be interesting and welcome to see a thoughtful example from other ends of the political spectrum. However, data suggests that conservatives don’t tend to be the part of the population adept at social media, so perhaps this tangent has run a ground. *

trolling slide 1     trolling slide 2  trolling slide 3     -and here are the links as they appear on the slides from left to right:

  1. Trolling Confederates
  2. Target Troll
  3. Sort of Cute Siri Trolling IRL
  4. A Very Important Article from NY Mag




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