Wes & Us: Our Semi-Success

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Have I ever turned anything in on time for this class?

Last week, I, along with four other classmates, attempted to do the impossible: create a trailer hinting at the plot of William Gibson’s 1984 cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer, in Wes Anderson fashion.

We were inspired by other visions such as What If Wes Anderson Made X-Men, and Saturday Night Live’s New Horror Trailer.

I am proud of our end result, which was filmed in our school’s Convergence Center using an iPhone 6:

Wes Anderson Does: Neuromancer from Jada Steward on Vimeo.

However, I do think we got confused along the way, and ended up making something that captures more the quirky spirit of Wes Anderson’s films, rather than the style itself.

I have done some research on Wes Anderson’s style,

wes color snip

and I have a better concept of how we may have better incorporated stylistic elements characteristic to his films: for example, handwritten letters and on-screen fonts. Ideally, the audio levels would be much more subtle, and maybe the length would be trimmed down a bit.

It is important to me to mention that this video was mainly edited by my genius friend (and usual cinematographer, though not for this project) Eric Sundberg. He has a two monitor computer setup in his room that he built himself, but no online portfolio for me to link to. He is one of the most perfectionistic people I know, and I owe him a lot.

Our video captures the fact that certain themes can be told no matter the form they take, and some themes are meant for specific mediums. I loved making this, but I’m not so sure that cyberpunk translates terribly well into soft and quirky. Nonetheless, anyone watching our movie will surely be able to tell that Neuromancer is if anything, entertaining and worth a read.

Finally, here is my friend Danielle’s post on our project. Her writing style is amazing!


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